Saturday, January 15, 2011

Starting the New Year

The last couple of weeks, I've just been trying to get on schedule.  Things are shaking out at work, and there's an air of change going on.  Last time this happened, I lost my job.  I'm going to trust God on this.  Last time, even though it was tense, I was able to land in this job, I'm currently doing, and I love to do.  Unfortunately, there are people who are going to be directly affected by this, and I pray that they trust in the Lord, and land in a place where they can flourish.

Yesterday, an acquaintance at work, came by, and told me he's going to be gone for the next 5 weeks.  He's a Muslim, and from what I could get from him, he's going to Manchester, England to study.  While he was talking, I was praying that God would tell me what to say.  I wanted to debate him, and tell him we weren't talking about the same God.  Instead, we spoke to each other about God, and Jesus.  I reiterated what I believe about Jesus.  After he left, I prayed that God would intervene in his life.  He's recently divorced, and is having problems with his teen-age son.  He's retired Air Force, and he seemed to be upset about the monies he's sending his wife for child support, and probably alimony.  I'm not sure why he's going to Manchester.  A quick look online, I can see why he'd want to go there.  The talk about how England's increasing Muslim population is true.  There seemed to be a lot of Shia mosques, and presence in the city.  I'm not sure why he's going.  We talked about how society is leaving God out, and what the result is.  I shared with him what I see in the prison system.  We both talked about how man needs God, and we are to worship Him, but I knew we were talking about a God called Allah, and the God, Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah-rapha, and Jehovah-nissi.  I hope things go well for him while he's there, and I pray that God will remove the cover off of this heretical religion Islam, and show it for what it is.  I also hope that he appreciates the grace that God gives, and that another Christian in England might befriend him, and talk to him about Jesus.  After he left, I prayed for him.

That said, it's been a week since the shooting in Arizona that claimed 6 lives, and wounded many others, including Representative Gabby Giffords.  I've been appalled at the response to this from both on the left, and right politicos.  Meanwhile, a mother, and father grieve the loss of their 9 year old child,  other families, including a federal judge, a social worker, an older man who shielded his wife, a mother, and wife of 50 years whose husband wasn't able to save her, and widow, who spent her winters in Tuscon.  These families are suffering, and they need our prayer, as they deal with this tragedy in a very personal way.  After these 6, there are 14 other families that were directly impacted as their loved ones are in the hospital injured.  Praise God, that Gabby is getting better.  This is Jehovah-rapha, the God who heals in action here.

Random Stuff for 1/15/2011:

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