Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Need to Remember

Today is September 11 and everywhere people are remembering where they were on that day.  I was at work, and as the news kept coming in, I was updating our web site with news of what was going on in New York.  It was heart wrenching, and I was mentally, and physically wrecked by the end of the day.  In the  aftermath, it is easily to see what the real damage that was done.  We have failed to really understand who the enemy is, and they're taking advantage of it.  I watched a couple of online videos, I've added below, and as I watched the attack, the clean up, the hopes being dashed when loved ones didn't come home, brought tears to my eyes.  Watching the video as events unfolded, there was a lot of confusion.  I remember thinking before the second tower was hit, that it had to be a terrorist attack.  Radical Muslims had been trying for years to bring down the tower, and they finally succeeded.  There is one spot  a few minutes after the first jet hit, I heard this guy video taping from a roof of building that he hoped it wasn't terrorists.  No one there had a clue.  With the advent of inexpensive video cameras, we have a very good video diary of what happened.

The terrorists achieved their mission, and the long term effects of what happened are still with us almost ten years later.  This so called religion, is of the devil.  Satan took a guy in Arabia, who was raised around Jews, Christians, Zorarastrians;  he took tenets of these religions, and came up with a religion that has done nothing but create mayhem since it started.  It is a works based religion, which calls for the death or subjugation of unbelievers; since Islam's inception, this religion has over 150 sects, but the two of the larger ones, the Sunnis and Shiites are behind most of the mayhem that goes on today.  They love to use Surah 9:5, "The Verse of the Sword" to incite jihad to bring infidels under subjugation where they're forced to pay a tax (jizya), or killed them.  The verse says, "When the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful."

North Africa, and the Holy Land, was predominantly Christian, but the area fell under Islam within 150 years after the death of Muhammed.  The Crusades, which jihadists cry about only came about after the church was destroyed in the Holy Land, and North Africa.  Yes it sought to reclaim the Holy Land, but after 1300 years, the predominant religion is Islam.  The history is long indeed, and there were atrocities on both sides, as there is any battle, but none of this would not have happened, unless Satan, in the guise of Islam, had not attacked, and take the land away.

Moderate Islam is like the German Christian church was in Nazi Germany, when it bowed to the Nazi ideology.  Remember that Islam aligned itself to the Nazi's during World War II, because of the similar goals both had, which was to extinguish the Jews.  They seemingly close their eyes to the atrocities, or like the imam who wants to build the Islamic mosque at Ground zero claims that unbelievers, the United Stats was the cause of the attack, because the of the death of Muslims.  Somebody needs to remind him of the bloodshed that Muslims do to each other.  I amazed at their thought process, or lack of thought process.  In building an Islamic center a few blocks from Ground Zero, they don't seem to understand the wisdom of NOT doing something like that.  It doesn't seem to phase them, as they name the mosque Cordoba, where in Spain, Muslims built a mosque as reminder of their victory over the Spaniards.  Remember, Muslims occupied most of the Iberian peninsula for 500 plus years.  Moderate Islam does nothing to denounce the atrocities of this barbaric religion of the devil.

My word to Muslims would be to remind them that Jesus, who is recognized as a prophet in Islam said in John 14:6, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."  Not by following the prophet Muhammad, but by following Jesus.  So for my secular friends who say there are many roads to heaven, and that Christianity, I would remind them that each of these Abrahamic religions have claims on who is saved, so there can't be more than one truth.  I would also remind them that Jesus' tomb is empty, and He did what He said He would do!  So there is exclusivity in the message of Jesus, and unfortunately because of Islam's identity problem, where they know they can't compete with a religion of mercy, and love, Islam was setup to not let Muslims to convert, because if they do, they are marked for death.  Satan is a wiley adversary, and with over 1,000,000,000 adherents to Islam, there is now setup a clash a civilizations prophesied in Revelation.

If you have about a hour, watch the video below.  In the first video there is part between 12, and 15 minutes where you sense everything changed.  It is very graphic.  We need to remember that the religion of peace won't relent until the whole world is subjugated; we either accept Muhammed as the one true prophet, or we will be killed, or pay a jizya, or tax and be forced to who knows...wear a large "C" on our clothes to identify us as Christian.  That's not how I want to live, but Jesus said we would have troubles in this world, John 16:33.  Remember, Islam means "Submission".

Here's another video that looks at trying to find the identity of a man who fell to his death.  The picture taken by AP photographer, Richard Drew ran in a few papers the next day to the horror of the readers who demanded that it be removed.  The video attempts to find the identity of this forgotten man, who was among hundreds who fell to their death to escape the heat, and smoke.

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