Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saving Leonardo

I have been reading Nancy Pearcy's book "Saving Leonardo".  According to my Kindle, I'm about 30% through it, and I can't put it down.  If there were more free time in my life, I would probably have finished it by now.  Nancy is explaining what has happened to our society as secularization becomes more prevalent, and God, and religion are placed on the back burner; she gives a history of the secular/humanism movements, and how they have been instrumental in the downward spiral we're in right now.  I don't want to give it away, but it should be required reading for all Christians.

She brings up another point, that I find difficult to do; we should be reading books by these secular authors.  We need to know how they think, and what they believe.  I remember reading the biography of Oswald Chambers, and he was criticized for doing the same, but like Nancy he says that we need to know what the secularists are thinking, so we can rebut them in their own language.

The biggest problem I have is time.  With events going on at church, work, and other social activities, there isn't a lot of time to spend with my Kindle.  Before bed, and at lunchtime are the daily times that I've spent for reading.  Morning is time for reading my bible, devotions, and catching up on the news.  Occasionally, I get a chance to put something in this blog.

So if you have time to read, pick up a copy of this book, "Saving Leonardo"; you won't be disappointed.

Random Stuff for 9/23/10:

  1. Mecca Diaries - This is interesting, a video diary of man, his mother, and father as they go on a Hajj to Mecca.  He's not a Christian, but an interesting view, especially when he admits that he wasn't supposed to bring a video camera with him.

  2. World's Scariest Jobs - found this on Tim Challies' site, but it is scary.

  3. I don't ride a lot of cabs, but this is kind of scary,
  4. Leonard Skinner died.  He was the gym teacher, who disliked long hair and rock music, who's name was taken and transformed into Lynrd Skynyrd.

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