Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Who is #35? I have a key ring with that number on it. All I know is that number will be coupled with an inmate I'm going to sponsor when we go into Zephyrhills Correctional in October. Does he realize that he is going to meet God this weekend? Does he know that he's being prayed for? Sometimes we go through life oblivious of what is going on around us, and we're unable to comprehend the love that some unknown person might be showing for us while they are on their knees praying to God for our salvation, our peace, our healing, or whatever God has put on their heart. God is good...

That said, now that I've missed a few days from posting something, I'm reminded how hard it is to write everyday, so I have to lift off my hat to those who have the discipline to do this. Work has been busy, as we've been working non-stop for the last two and a half weeks to convert our website, and now that it's up, it has been non-stop in getting everyone at work used to it. It sounds like I'm complaining, but I'm grateful that every two weeks, my checking account gets a bump, and I can continue to contribute the economy, and get the opportunity to participate in this ministry, and hopefully be used by God to help #35. God is good...

Random Stuff
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  3. I've seen some good things about this book, "40 Questions About Interpreting the Bible".  Everything I've read is good.  Might want to take a look at it.
  4. 6 Free Office Suites that Aren't Micro$oft,

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