Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Agree With Chris Matthews

This is something, I think I would never say in my life, "I agree with Chris Matthews."  There, I've said it.  Believe me, it's only once.  We are on different planets when it comes to politics.  Of course, he's on a different one.  This time however, he revisited us, and he's actually speaking the truth.  I mean when you hear Pat Buchanan agree with Chris Matthews, I can't help but look to the sky and see if Jesus is returning.

This is about President Mubarak of Egypt.  When we deal with our friends in the world, I'm amazed at how quickly we drop them off the cliff.  President Mubarak kept war out of the Middle East for years.  Unfortunately he did it with a iron fist, but then again, this part of the world is a powder keg, and it's worked.  I know that old saying that politics make strange bedfellows, and international politics, takes it up a notch.  We know that thanks to Julian Assange, the David Bowie look-alike at WikiLeaks.  President Obama has basically told his counter-part in Egypt to hit the road, and let the change happen in Egypt.  Oh yeah, he also has to let non-secular interests take part in the formation of a new government:

Ok, so I guess that was invite to the Muslim Brotherhood, who going back to 1928, when Ataturk the President of Turkey ended the caliphate, the Islamic form of government and brought in a western form of government.  They are the oldest form of Islamic radicalism in the world, and every Islamic radical group since them has sprung from them.  Here's an article by Brigette Gabriel at Human Events.  The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt wants the peace treaty with Israel abolished.  That's just what we need.

Is this what John was prophesying in Revelation 9:16 with the invasion of a 200 million man army.  Israel is slowly being surrounded by Sharia law based countries, who call for the destruction of Israel. With 1.3 billion adherents to Islam in the world, and a conservative estimate of about 10% being fundamentalist, it makes you wonder; only 700 million more to go, and we'll have 200 million.

It's going to be interesting to see what happens, but in the mean time, our view in the world has been diminished as we throw another leader under the bus, and it's reported by the mainstream media as business as usual.  Then again, this is all being orchestrated by God, and we have to be obedient.  Never look for justice in this world, but then never cease to give it.

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