Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Christian Persecution

As I'm reading some of the blogs I frequent, I can't help thinking that about the end times, and Jesus coming any day.  Christian martyrs are being buried almost every day.

Pastors Under Attack in Sri-Lanka -

Nigerian Christians Killed in Targeted Attacks -

Ethiopian Muslims warn Christians to convert, leave city or face death -

Assassinated Pakistani Christian cabinet minister on why he defied threats on his life -

Pakistan's only Christian minister killed. Copts massacred. Afghan convert sentenced to death. When will Britain wake up to Islam's persecution of Christians? -

Laos Christians Face Starvation, Authorities Cutting Off Food, Water -

Afghanistan Releases Christian Convert Facing Execution -

Pirates Killed Four Americans Who Traveled the World Handing out Bibles -

Christian Students Attacked by Muslim Mob –

One thing I noticed was that Islam is the main religion that is behind the killings; Surah 9:5 in action.

There are hundreds of these entries out there.  These are just over the last month or so!  This is an evil out there that is trying in vain to stop the Word of the Lord, and Gospel from being spread:

Persecution – International Church Concern -
Voice of the Martyrs -
Christian -
Compass Direct News -
Christian Persecution in India -
Persecution in Sudan -
Persecution Blog -

I can go on, and on.  I was thinking the other day in church when the pastor was trying to get people to commit their tithes, and hearing the complaining about the new building, I couldn't help thinking that these martyrs are losing their lives because they are Christians; we're complaining because Bill Maher doesn't like Christians, or Richard Dawkins is spreading his new atheist propaganda.

I support these organizations, and I pray.  I can also ask God to keep me aware, and to pray for the families left behind.  Again, their families have to face the continuing persecution.

Right now these martyrs are with our Lord; they are in a much better place.  I wonder how much longer our Lord is going to wait before He comes back, and evil is finally done away with forever.  I guess for now, I'm reminded of Revelation 6: 9-11; they, and we are told to wait a little longer.  God works in His time, not ours.  We are promised, that we will be with him, but I can't help from praying, "Come Lord Jesus", Revelation 22:20.

Random Stuff for 3/2/2011:

  1. Chris Matthews showing his shoe size IQ -
  2. Federal Report: Almost Half the Babies Aborted in NYC Were Black -
  3. Foster parent ban: 'no place' in the law for Christianity, High Court rules -
  4. New York Billboard that upset a lot of people, and they had to take it down.  Too bad it was true.  Margaret Sanger's dream come true. 

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